Klubshow 2018

What a beautiful Finland!!!

Emotions from another Boxers times like in Italy when our show still moved people driven by an incredible enthusiasm, like waking up in the Christmasn morning for a child. For a weekend, for three days only, but I could travel in time, go back 30 years ago when Boxer world was not just a war but desire for participation, willingness to know and respect.

Breathtaking landscapes, a Helsinki to be seen and to live, a heavenly
tranquility and an incredible warm clima. The Russian influence in
architecture it’s always enchanting and some touches by Italy always
tears up a smile, pizzerias and restaurants "from Italians" are not lacking!
So with a little sadness we leave the beautiful capital for Kotka, a small
coastal town on the way to the nearby St. Petersburg. And it's paradise
right away! Sea and coasts as far as the eye can see!

The event organized in a dream landscape it's as much as anyone can
ask. A giant ring, thirty meters from the sea on a english lawn warmed by
a fantastic sun! A perfect organization that attracted 60 Boxers also from neighboring Russia and Estonia.

I have to thank all those who gave me trust in this first experience as a
judge during the long journey undertaken to become official, from the
organizers to the exhibitors. Thank You!!!
More determined than ever to not fall into the mistake of leaving biased towards anything, falsely fed by the poor belief that Italy is still the number one as someone still believes, with a clear mind and with great curiosity step by step during judgment I could see how "The geographic isolation" of Finland, certainly limiting in many aspects, it’s also its a evident
salvation,far from the problems that afflict boxers in the continent. Some
important Boxers import already arrived and Finland does not really need
anything else.

The Bulldog type that is spreading more and more in Europe fortunately is still far away and I hope that it never comes here, despite being pushed already to Moscow. Finland is the only architect of her future, can still choose not to fall into modern way that is destroying the boxer and should not do it, but must continue to improve and has the cards to do it.

As I wanted to emphasize in my judgments, beyond a general impressionalways very pleasant and fairly correct in the average, I could see how all the Boxers present were well proportioned and balanced in the relationship headbody without ever meeting subjects with heavy skulls, round or excessively globose. As a consequence, fortunately few problems of excess of skin, with elegant necks of right length and inclination and on average clean and correctly skulls, rightly convex, with right nose-frontal leap and without marked frontal drafts.

Only three Boxers have showed problems of flat skulls with excessively pronounced metopic suture (frontal groove), preserving anyway the correct head-body proportions and a general balance, even if the qualification attributed to them, has rightly penalized these boxers. Some small eyes, but always dark and in a right position with very good expressions. Only two dogs with unquestionably light eyes. But not very important problem in comparison with a functional defect like short legs example. My Opinion. Absolutely embarrassing for me to report that the most worst Boxerof the show was a brindle female import from Italy ... and I don’t want say nothing more to no humiliate the breeder.

Full and well proportioned muzzles, sometimes a little bit short, butwith right convergence, with only two subjects who showed obvious problems of it. In general correct teeth of medium-width for almost alldogs except the two females first and second classified in veteran class that I had the pleasure to mention them in the final ring thanksto their wide and perfect mouth showing to the public how have tobe the Boxer teeth. Still problems of forechest, with poor sternal protrusions, but excellent diameters and good depth chest. Direct consequence arejust sufficient front angulations. Excellent back angulations and only a couple of problems of croup or set of tail. Very good top lines. In general Finnish Boxer are almost elegant and some of them with great class and distinction.

The best between babies-puppies was the brindle female in puppyclass Golden Amulette Marbelia that won opposed to her fawn brother. She is really a beautiful puppy, just a little bit short nose, butwith a beautiful expression, narrow head and already a lot of class. The two best Youngs male and female really pleasantly impressed me so much. Love them.

Porsche no Akacisa it’s really a handsome dark brindle male,elegant and correct with a lot of class as few other boxer males today, very young and still immature, only thirteen months but already with great distinction and class and then the head! Finally what a beautiful head, and said by me for the reasons that everyone knows… it has an extra value. A elegant, clean and long head, charming with correct proportions, parallel, narrow, bi-convergent, wide truffle, medium teeth with right spin of chin and undershot, maybe the biggest eye was asking too much with also a more wider mouth, but we can’t have everything... I chose him as best young and for the special award for the best head and the second best male.

Together with him was there the best young female Solevita's Dauntless a blaze of class and distinction and fairness just a bit limited by her really young age, nine months and a few days that means really still back in development and fortunately it’s like so! It’s a Boxer! The head must still finish to be completed, despite the her great qualities are already evident. She was nominated for the selection of the best head and she was also second best female on the show. But guys what class she have!!!

Just one female was better to her, only the brindle female winner of the open class Stylesign Alice, who has dominated a difficult class of eleven females before being proclaimed the best female! Beautiful, correct, balanced, powerful but with great class and complete in everything, some defect yes, but nothing more than some imperfection of beauty.

And then I saw her, Playbox's Soronume, a eight and half year old fawn female in progeny class. Fantastic! An expression and boxer essence like few nowadays, beautiful beautiful beautiful! Pity only registered in the progeny class, otherwise she could have been shown her incredible qualities in the most fair and deserved place! A boxer of another time!

And that's how to be satisfied, happy and loads more than ever, sated of class and boxer essence because I saw a lot of class above all in females, in general and absolute terms both. There is no perfection, but it would be stupid to look for it to the detriment of a balanced model that works today with only positive margins for improvement that feed hope for a really rosy and promising future for Finland.

Not least by case, the absolute starring of the show was Helios della Cappastorta that after winning a really difficult intermediate class in front of the beautiful Berrypets Remington Derringer and have been nominated for the best head, won the title of Best Male beating the best young thanks to his more evident maturity. More solid and complete and after thanks to his better head in comparison with best female, with the same class and elegance for both of them, Helios has also been deservedly awarded the Best in Show. Really a Beautiful Boxer!

A truly positive Finnish experience full of healthy and sporty boxer moments ended in the evening with a fantastic dinner by the sea warmed by the light of the Finnish sunset and the enthusiasm of a group of people sitting and talking about boxers without stopping and without prejudice.I want express a special thanks to my friends Tuula Seppälä and Nicola Morano that during this first important experience helped me with their important advices. Thank You!!

Marcello Marino

Esr Klubshow 14.7.2018

Katariinan meripuisto, Kotka
Tuomarina Marcello Marino, kennel Boxerita, Italia

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Marcello Marino

Born into Boxer World, I have never lived a day of my life without Boxers by my side. My family started to breed boxer in 1972 with a fawn female named Mirca del Sorbarese, granddaughter of Witherford hot Chestnut. I've learned to walk hanging the ears of a brindle male, Isko VonDer Boxerau son of Carlo Von Henningshof, and since that day my love and passion for the Boxer never gave up.

I've started my activity during 1990 on show, work training IPO and Sch-H and breeding and since 1997 as helper, becoming official one in 2003. Since 2010 I’m official delegate of ENCI (Italian Kennel Club) as show supervisor and official ENCI trainer and handler. Starting now my way to become judge.

During these last 28 years of many success and my devotion of Boxer I breeded and showed in many national and international championships, and the most famous are Gol Di Boxerita - considered one of few boxer in the history of our breed with the best head.

Machebella Di Boxerita one of the most titled boxer females in the world and Jarabe di Boxerita that, after all his beauty champion titles, is the only capable boxer of the history who obtained at the same time in his Country the title of absolute
champion (for both beauty and work) and the double title of young beauty club champion of the year and annual club work champion, as well as IPO 2 WM winner at ATIBOX, for all that I have to thanks my best friend and owner of Jarabe Beatrice Stocchi. No boxer in the history, in any Country, succeded in doing the same results.

I've always worked with my boxers, which obtained every level of Sch-h and IPO and FH category. Know that some of my Boxers are considered an example for the breed and that my Boxers had large influence in the boxer breeding it’s the greatest pride to me.

All this happened thanks to the two people who inspired my boxer idea and fed my work. Josef Waldhammer with Carlo Von Henningshof and Carlo ut Gutsel, and Alessandro Tanoni with Olimpio del Colle dell’Infinito.